Keeping you safe

March 17, 2020


Our tables are usually cleaned between each use. We will continue to do so, as well as sanitize them.
We will sanitize the chairs between each use.
There will be a sticker on each table indicating a clean table. You may remove the sticker with your leave.
Our washrooms will constantly be sanitized.
Door handles, credit/debit machine will be sanitized between each use.
We will be deep cleaning as well as chemically fogging the place at the end of every shift

Shisha Cleaning

We have an industrial steamer, each shisha will be steamed in the following areas:
Air valve
The vase will be sanitized upon each use.
We will provide a new hose with each shisha.
We will drop the tongs in a bath of sanitizer after each use.
We will drop the tray in a bath of sanitizer after each use.

Social Distancing

Each group is separated at least 6 feet apart from other groups.
Seating has been strategically placed to ensure different groups are not directly facing each other.
Customers are not allowed to re-arrange seats.
Custom tables for custom number of people within a group.

Contact Control

Each group will be asked for a name and a cellphone number.
In the case of a COVID breakout, we will send a text message to anyone that has visited the store within the last 14 days.
We will revise the situation then.


All hot drinks are suspended.
You are still able to get drinks FREE (Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Nestea, etc...)
Board games are unavailable, cards may be purchased for $1.
Staff is no longer going to start the shisha for you.
Masks are required, you may only take off the mask while you're seated on your table.
Tablets are no longer used. Your order will be taken by the staff.
You will be asked to use the hand sanitizer upon entry.
Seating limited to a maximum of 75 minutes.

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